I'm not sure which service is best for me. Can I just decide when I get there?

Appointment times are allotted based on what particular service is being performed. If you are unsure, you should schedule a consultation.

Does a consultation cost?

Consultations are 30 minutes and cost $25

What should I do to prepare for my appointment?

Cleansing and conditioning is offered complimentary to your service, so it's not necessary to come clean. However, please make sure if you have extensions or braids that they are removed prior. Extension removal is offered for a per hour fee but must be scheduled at the time of scheduling the appointment to be sure that the proper amount of time has been scheduled.

Can I bring a friend with me when I come for my appointment?

Chadowboxx is focused on providing a calm and catering experience for your visit. Also due to COVID regulations, It is necessary to only have one person in the salon space at one time. Please come alone for your appointment. This includes refraining from bringing children with you.

I see that you have a hair extensions line. Is the hair included with the cost of your weave services?

The cost for listed for weaves is for the actual service only. Hair is sold separately. Please purchase your hair from the site at least 5 business days prior to your service. You do have the option to bring hair from an outside source as well. Of course, we are partial to the high quality of Mylani Extensions.

Dealing with my natural hair is tough, would a relaxer be good for me?

Chemical relaxers can be a great alternative to having natural curly hair. The key is if it is applied properly, not relaxing beyond 75% of the natural curl and not having touch ups any sooner than every 10 weeks. And of course, all of this being done by a professional and not a box from the beauty supply stores.

I need help maintaining my hair, but I don’t want to go back to chemicals. Are there any other options?

Absolutely there are options. Two options are both without chemicals and can help make the hair more manageable:

  • Heat training: with regular silk press treatments, the hair can gently have the bonds broken to “heat train” the hair and relax the natural curl safely. Some perceive this as being heat damage, but it is a matter of how much of your natural curl you want to maintain.
  • Amino-acid straightening treatment: This treatment is one that uses a solution applied to the hair then bonded to the shaft with heat in order to relax the natural curl without permanently altering it. This treatment lasts 12-14 weeks, maintains the natural curl but helps make it more manageable.

I want my hair straightened and trimmed, which option should I book?

The silk press with trim is the best option for you.

Do you offer weave hair installs?

Yes, I offer a multitude of install options; partial weaves, full weaves with closure or frontal, microlink wefted installs (braidless sew in) and i-tip/fusion options. I do recommend a thorough consultation before in order to decide which would be the best option for you based on budget, lifestyle, previous hair history, and how much time you have in between maintenance.

Do your prices include the hair?

All prices for services don’t include the hair unless specified in the description. Please read carefully when booking. For services that don’t include the hair, please visit the shop page and purchase your hair at least 7 BUSINESS DAYS prior to your appointment.

I've been seeing a lot about braidless installs, or microlinks. How will I know if this might be a good fit for me?

The length of your hair, your density (thickness) of hair, lifestyle, and budget are all factors I consider when I suggest a particular type of install. A consultation is required before scheduling this service.

How many bundles do I need for my sew in installation?

  • For a partial install with leave out and being able to pull up (the ponytail install) I suggest two bundles unless you go above 16”.
  • For Housewives installs I suggest 3 bundles
  • 3. For full weaves, I suggest the closure or frontal, then purchasing 3 bundles. I personally suggest staggering the lengths. (For example: 12” closure = buy 14,16,18 bundles. 16” frontal = buy 18,20,22 bundles)

What colors do your wigs and bundles come in?

Mylani hair is virgin and unprocessed which means it only comes in natural colors. All bundles are either natural dark brown or platinum blonde (#613). If you would like the hair to have color, please choose the bundle customization options in the drop down menu when purchasing your bundles

I work out a lot and I sweat quite a bit. What’s the best kind of install for me?

This should be discussed in depth during a consultation, but a frontal or a closure install is probably not the best option for you unless you schedule maintenance appointments every 2 weeks.

I want a bright "fashion color" and I've had box color done before. What color option should I choose?

This is considered to be a color correction. A strand test will be necessary. The best option would be to choose a double process color, however please be advised that this could potentially be expensive in order to make sure the process is done properly to still maintain the integrity of your hair.

Why do color services cost so much?

Color services are a scientific process. You are not only paying for the tube of professional color that is used, but also the expertise, the theory, the protective agents that are added to the color and to the hair in order to make sure that your hair is processed properly.

Can I bring my own supplies to save money?

Heck. No.

I don't know what is going on with my hair. Can I send you a message or just pop in to the salon for you to look at my hair and let me know what I can do?

I would love to help you figure out how to get to a place of having healthy hair, however my expertise and advice are considered to be a service. Please schedule a physical or virtual consultation so I can be of service to you.