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Soothing Scalp Tonic

Soothing Scalp Tonic

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The Scalp Care Collection is made specifically to help alleviate dry and irritated scalp conditions.

The soothing scalp tonic is gentle enough for daily use to help with dandruff and itchy scalp; the calming gel helps with itchy, irritated skin on the scalp, hairline, neck or other sensitive areas; and the peppermint oil is like a deep breath of fresh air for your scalp.


How to use: apply directly to scalp as needed to combat dryness and irritation. Can be used as a pre-poo  prior to a deep cleansing treatment with peppermint shampoo 


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A weight is lifted off my shoulders knowing I can skip a night of shampooing and will not regret it for days to come.

I shampoo my hair daily out of necessity. I experimented with the Soothing Scalp Tonic by using it before bed and not shampooing for a night. I am IMPRESSED. My scalp feels invigorated & unbothered. I am shocked. This is the secret formula I have been searching for all along.