vegan hair and skin moisturizer cruelty free shea butter mango butter aloe vera gel, for textured hair and dry skin

Your hair and skin's plant-based bestie

Mylani Beauty & Vegan Haircare uses ethically sourced, natural ingredients to deliver a range of haircare and skincare that is known for it's nourishing and restorative properties.

Our innovative formulas are available for hair, face, and body.

We invite you to experience the luxury that is Mylani!

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About Mylani

Mylani Beauty & Vegan Haircare was founded out of care and necessity. As a mother of 3, I struggled to find products that were suitable for their various hair and skincare needs. Most importantly, it was hard to find products that didn't contain known toxins and ingredients linked to hormonal imbalances and carcinogens.

As a stylist, I also found difficulty when recommending products to my clients to sustain their needs. None of the suggestions seemed right, and most were filled with harmful ingredients. Unfortunately, that was all the market had to offer at the time. With that void in mind, I thought it was best to use my expertise to create a product that not only would I feel comfortable in recommending, but one that I could use to care for my clients' in my salon.

This is what gave birth to the Mylani suite of products.

Mylani products are hand crafted, with the love and attention to ensure that they are the best I can offer to you, not only with your hair and in skin in mind but with the overall health of my customers in mind.

They are made with the finest of unrefined, non-toxic, raw materials, making it safe for all ages, and suitable for those known to have scalp and skin sensitivities.

Mylani products are responsibly free of parabens, phthlates, cruelty-free, and do not contain any animal bi-products. They are also safe for those with gluten sensitivities.

I hope you enjoy Mylani products as much as I do… they are a literal labor of love.

Charlisa Harris, founder and creator of Mylani Beauty & Vegan Haircare

  • vegan hair and skin moisturizer cruelty free shea butter mango butter aloe vera gel, for textured hair and dry skin

    Hear why so many love Bao Down


    "This stuff does wonders!! My hair is naturally dry as a bone, but Bao Down makes it so soft and nourished! A little bit does go a long way (and this is coming from someone with a lot of hair). I take a little of it and rub it between my hands to warm it up and then run it through my hair. I've been able to retain a lot more length by using this because I don't have as much breakage. Bonus points for also smelling AMAZING! And being a life savor for my dry skin during the winter months!"

  • Customers rave about Bao Down King!


    "My beard has never known moisture the way it knows now. This is the best beard product I have used, hands down. My beard looks & feels full, hydrated & luxurious. Smells great & gives the perfect shine". ✨

  • All you need to Tame it down a bit...


    After trying dang near everything on the market, I tried Tame. It’s the first time, I’ve managed curl definition, body, a healthy moisturized look without the weight or greasiness that comes with every other product out. Literally my FAVORITE product! AAAAAAND it comes in a larger size! I recommend buying two at a time so when it sells out you ain’t gotta hunt the owner down! LoL

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